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The New Majority is people of color, women, immigrants, veterans and LGBTQ. We are an audience that over-indexes across all media – and yet are unseen and under-served. To answer that call, New Majority Ventures is focused on us, the New Majority. We are committed to creating content that’s entertaining, authentic and inspirational. With advocates and experts to reflect the diversity of the audience.

New Majority Ventures is a partnership between Melissa Bradley’s 1863 Ventures and Kinetic Energy Entertainment.

“A portion of what I do is putting accurate facts out there that can ultimately change people’s minds. Even now, if I go raise money for our fund, people see me and they create a story in their mind about what they see. I want them to hear different stories with the same face and hopefully change the narrative in their head of what a CEO looks like.”

– Melissa Bradley

Partners & People

Diana Williams

Diana Williams


Diana is the Co-founder & CEO of Kinetic. She is a multi-platform producer with experience that ranges from indie film to creative development & production of the Star Wars franchise. Throughout her award-winning career, she has worked with a diversity of talent who are pushing the boundaries of storytelling and technology.

Dario Di Zanni

Dario Di Zanni


Dario is the Co-founder of Kinetic. An international business leader and partnership maverick, Dario has led first-of-their kind technologies, concepts, and franchise products for top-tier media brands and companies like Disney and AMC Networks, focused on innovation, creativity and business growth. He owns several tech Patents.

Ann Kane

Ann Kane


Originally hailing from Seattle, Washington, where she worked at RadioActive Youth Media, Ann Kane is now based in Miami, Florida. She currently produces Founder Hustle, Porch Talks, and The Deep Cut for NMV, and previously worked as the audio editor for Southern Living Magazine’s show “Biscuits and Jam” and Instyle Magazine’s “Ladies First, with Laura Brown.” When she is not producing, Ann can be found playing bass, watching Formula One, or soaking in the sunshine.

Misako Envela

Misako Envela


Misako Envela is a digital content creator and strategist, who has built an online community rooted in wellness and the quest to live an authentic and full life. She has a passion for filmmaking and digital storytelling, and she is grateful for the opportunity to work with the New Majority Ventures team.

Sonya Harris

Sonya Harris


Sonya Harris is a multi-platform artist and storyteller currently based in Porto, Portugal. She has worked in audio production, reporting and youth mentoring for Seattle NPR station KUOW; as well as a podcast editor and producer for various other online arts websites. With a passion for storytelling in podcasting, Sonya is also an avid lover of tea, photography, and cinema. She considers herself a voracious learner and seeker of the peculiar, whimsical, and inspiring.

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